What Does Integrity Mean To You?

Is corruption a big problem in The Bahamas? What can everyday people like YOU do to create a culture of Integrity? What does it mean to live with integrity? – as citizens, as businesses, as a nation? As issues of corruption and crime continue to be a  day-to-day reality for Bahamians, in big ways and in small, we must have an honest national conversation about how we answer this question.

“Do The Right Ting!” is a movement to unite, educate, and empower Bahamians around Integrity and Anti-corruption and build a nation where communities can trust their government, their businesses, their members, and each other. But WE NEED YOUR HELP!

All members of Bahamian society are invited to become Partners and help build a multi-sector, action-oriented, participatory movement to reduce the culture of corruption in the Bahamas.

Take the Citizen's Integrity Pledge!

Live as an ambassador for Integrity in your community and your country by taking our pledge. If each of us commits to being the change we want to see, imagine the future we could create!

What does Integrity mean to Bahamian youth?

Our actions matter. Do The Right Ting!

Stand Up

Do you know how to report it if you encounter corruption? Upright citizens are the front lines for combating corruption, but 80% of Bahamians don’t know how to report Click here to find out ways you can report corruption in The Bahamas.

Read Up

Did you know that 1 in 5 Bahamians has paid a bribe in the past year? Learn about corruption in The Bahamas and how anti-corruption activists are fighting against it!

Live Up

What does it take to live your life with Integrity? Take ORG’s pledge and make the first step in living as an ambassador for Integrity in your community and your country.

Team Up

How can YOU Do the Right Ting and become a part of the movement for Integrity in The Bahamas. Learn how to team up against corruption and foster communities built on Integrity!