Each one of us has a part to play in combating corruption and creating a culture of Integrity. Take our pledge to become a part of this national movement to take back the coutry and instill a culture of integrity.

Citizen’s Integrity Pledge

I believe in the vision of a Bahamas rooted in a spirit of honesty and integrity where communities can trust their government, their members, and each other.

I believe that corruption is holding back the progress and success of our country and our people.

I believe it is the responsibility of all sectors of society, including government, civil society and the private sector, to build a national culture which embraces Integrity and rejects corruption.

I believe Integrity is a verb and we are what we do, not what we say we will do.

As such, I pledge to contribute to this culture of Integrity through my actions and I therefore pledge:

  • To perform all tasks in an honest and transparent manner and be accountable to all my actions;
  • To neither take nor offer a bribe;
  • To take decisions objectively and impartially;
  • To act in the public interest and with consideration for those who will be affected by my actions;
  • To lead by example exhibiting integrity in personal behaviour;
  • To report any incident of corruption to the appropriate agency

Through this pledge, I envision a Bahamas where Integrity is a core part of who we are as a people and a nation.

We Believe that corruption is a major impediment to economic prosperity in The Bahamas and threatens the ethical fiber of the business community and society at large.

We recognize our company’s responsibility to lead by example in combatting corruption and upholding a culture of integrity.
We furthermore recognize that initiatives by government and/or the civil society sector cannot succeed without individual and collective commitment from the business community.

We, therefore, pledge that:-

  • We shall promote ethical business practices and foster a culture of honesty and integrity;
  • We commit to good corporate governance based on transparency, accountability and fairness;
  • We shall adhere to all relevant laws, rules and compliance mechanisms in the conduct of business;
    We shall not tolerate bribery in any form in any activities under our control nor engage in any unethical business practices;
  • We shall ensure that our charitable or political contributions, sponsorships and business gifts are transparent and will not be used to influence the recipient, whether public or private, into improper exercise of functions, duties or judgment
  • We shall adopt and/or maintain a code of ethics to ensure ethical behaviour of all our employees and take appropriate action for any transgressions of the code;
  • We will conduct training programs to promote integrity, honesty and accountablity in the exercise of their duties
  • We shall sensitise all employees of laws, regulations etc. relevant to their work for effective discharge of their duties;
  • We shall provide a proper grievance redressal mechanism by which employees or other stakeholders can raise grievances or ethical concerns and report suspicious activities in confidence and without fear of reprisal;
  • We will, to the best of our knowledge and ability, refrain from doing business with parties which have demonstrated unethical business practices
  • We shall aspire for excellence in protecting the rights and interests of all stakeholders and the society at large.