What It Means To Become A Partner

ORG invites every individual, organization and group to join us to “Do the RIGHT Ting” and become a partner in the National Integrity Campaign for a year that will spark dialogue and debate about integrity and anti-corruption in The Bahamas. Becoming a Partner means:

Making a piece of this movement your own and acting for a greater nation for all of us.

Pledging to live and operate with integrity,

Spreading the word and sparking dialogue about what it means to create a culture of integrity.

Committing to work with ORG, other partners, or even on your own to create events and spaces that encourage INTEGRITY.

Ways To Partner

Are you a Private Business?

BECOME A SPONSOR of one of our exciting Integrity Events, such as:

  • An Integrity themed TEDx which will invite innovative thinkers from all over the country to talk about integrity
  • An Integrity Speech/Essay competition for students
  • Take our Integrity in Business Pledge
  • Encourage your employees to take ORG’s Integrity Pledge
    Invite ORG or another partner group to talk to your team about Integrity and Ethics
  • Post social media and print ads that let your customers, staff and business partners know that your business holds Integrity as a priority
  • Run an internal Integrity Idol or Integrity Ambassadors Programme, recognizing employees of exceptional integrity
  • Utilize the resources in our Business Ethics and Integrity Library to asses your business and find tools to uphold Integrity in the workplace.

Are You a Community Organization/Church?

  • Take part in the National Integrity Sermon
  • Create an Integrity Themed community event such as:
  • A spoken word/poetry slam
  • An art exhibition or film screening
  • A quiz night
  • Invite ORG or one of our partners to come and speak to your congregation/ members

Are you a Concerned Citizen?

  • Take The Integrity Pledge
  • Share and Post about the Integrity Campaign, and Follow ORG Bahamas on Social Media
  • Submit a story to ORG’s Integrity Inspirations Campaign which will collect stories of Integrity from everyday citizens and encourage people to vote on the most inspiring tales on social media.
  • Create a unique Integrity Themed Event, such as:
  • A neighborhood Integrity Motorcade
  • An Integrity Steakout

Are you a Government Department/Agency?

  • Invite ORG or other partners to have an interactive session on Integrity with your staff
  • Hold an Integrity Idol program to reward public servants of exceptional integrity
  • Encourage staff to take ORG’s Integrity Pledge

Are You a School/Youth Organization?

  • Encourage your students/members to join the Integrity Essay/Speech Competition
  • Invite ORG or other partners to have an interactive session on Integrity with your students/members
  • Host an Integrity-themed Hackathon, inviting members to compete to create solutions to corruption or other negative behaviour

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